ARC Review: Forsaken Genesis (Deluge Prophecies #1) by M.J. Marinescu

"We're one pack, pup. A wolf who runs alone will never find success," ★★★★✩ I was offered this e-ARC by M.J. Marinescu in exchange of an honest review. At the time of receiving this book, I was reading something else, but I couldn't help but be excited to read this. The concept of the story... Continue Reading →


NEW BLOG SERIES: Meet The Author

In the past I have never announced a new blog series like this, if you can count some of my posts as a series that is. But, this one is important. I am feeling very confident about this idea and the thought behind it makes me believe this the thing I need to do on... Continue Reading →

Three Bookish Things – Tag

I saw this tag the other day over at Book Hooked Nook and it seemed really fun to do! So, let's go! I didn't have time or inspiration for a picture of this post, so I snagged a picture from my Instagram with three things in it. Creative right? Three Read Once and Loved Authors... Continue Reading →

August Wrap-up!

August was an amazing month for me as a reader. I may have been unable to read as many books as I wanted to or I usually do, but a lot of positive things happened for me as reader and as a blogger. First of all, I got offered my first ARC ever! Yes, offered... Continue Reading →

Review: Among Us by Kristina Rienzi

''Two is better than one,'' (Kristina Rienzi; Among Us) ★★★★✩ I was offered this book by Kate Tilton's Author Services, LLC in exchange of an honest review. I was always a lover of alien conspiracy theories and all that, so when I was offered this book about a blogger who believes in aliens and has... Continue Reading →

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