Review | These Witches Don’t Burn (TWDB #1) by Isabel Sterling

“I step closer to the flames, until I feel the lick of heat against my face. The energy cascades over me, through me, driving out the lingering hurt from seeing Veronica. Numbing bad memories like a magical Novocain.” I bought this book specifically for the readalong with The Lit Coven and even though I finished... Continue Reading →


Review | X-Men: Days of Future Past by Alex Irvine

''The future we live in is not the only possible future.'' I have received this book for free from Titan Books in exchange of an honest review. As someone who really loves the X-Men and Marvel in general, but hasn't had the chance to read any comics yet, I was very excited to read this!... Continue Reading →

My 2nd Blog Anniversary + Giveaway

Can you imagine? It has been TWO YEARS already since I started this blog. Now, I do have to admit. I was completely convinced my anniversary was tomorrow. But WordPress was kind enough to remind me it was TODAY. So here I am, a day early than I kept screaming about. But regardless, let's just... Continue Reading →

June 2019 Wrap-up!🏳️‍🌈

At the start of this month, I had surgery on my toes (and have been recovering ever since. The second toe on each foot was curled up so bad, I walked on my nail sometimes, but the amazing people at the hospital fixed that and I am so happy. Today, I had an appointment to... Continue Reading →

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