Unboxing | Fairyloot ‘Otherworlds’ August 2017

So last month, I put a picture of the full unboxing of my Fairyloot as highlighted photo, but I realized how that could spoil things for others (as I was horribly spoiled this week by someone else!), I decided to not do that from now on. So here here is here is the here is the official SPOILER ALERT! Scrolling down is on you!

The box in the highlighted picture is last month’s box actually, since they put the shipping label on the front this time –” BUT this box was again a lovely treat to myself 😀 Links to all the shops will be in the full list all the way down this post. Pictures are taken on my amazing bed, because it was raining outside. Enjoy!

OH, by the way, my buddycode is #Fairyloot121999 😀 Feel free to send me a message if that’s yours too!

The art print of this month’s theme ‘Otherworlds’ with spoilercard on the back
‘Westeros tea strainer’ Cute box with I think Kings Landing as illustration
IT’S A SWORD! The material is bendable, easy to clean.
A Fairyloot exclusive Book&Nook candle 😀 (It smells amazing!)
‘Fictional worlds fuel my dreams’ Sleeping mask.
A Backdrops coupon code.
The coupon has a cute artprint on the back 😀
A ‘Godsgrave’ uncorrected sample with poster inside
Thranduil and Legolas magnetic bookmarks
Look at this adorable pouch! It has a necklace inside
A handmade ‘Velaris’ necklace (IT’S SO CUTE!)
Another sampler! ‘Blackwing’ this time 😀
A ‘Blackwing’ tattoo
An adorable Peter Pan sketchbook!
An amazing ‘Nothern Lights’ print


Wicked Like A Wildfire by Lana Popovic
The book is just as gorgeous without dustjacket!

I really love this box, some of the items were things on my wishlist (not the exact item ofcourse, but I wanted a new tea strainer for example.) Here is the full list of all the items with links to their shops, site or instagram. Big kudos to all of them for supplying these lovely products!

  • Witchsoul’ Candle from Book&Nook! They sent out five different exclusive candles based on five different characters of the book. I got the Witchsoul Anais & it smells like cocoa, cardamon and fig.
  • Fictional Worlds‘ Sleeping Mask exclusively made for this Fairyloot 😀
  • Exclusive Handmade ‘Velaris’ Pendant Necklace made by Oh Panda Eyes!
  • ‘Westeros’ Tea Strainer exclusively made for this month’s Fairyloot!
  • ‘Neverland’ Notebook, the coverart is drawn by TJ Lubrano!
  • Legolas & Thranduil ‘Lord of the Rings’ Magnetic Bookmarks by Paperly and Co. They sent out Legolas & Thranduil to represent Mirkwood, Samwise & Frodo to represent the Shire and Aragorn & Arwen to represent Gondor.
  • ‘Nothern Lights’ Artprint by Melissa Nettleship.
  • The book of the month is Wicked Like A Wildfire by Lana Popovic!
  • Bonus items: Godsgrave sampler (by Jay Kristoff), Blackwing sampler (by Ed McDonald) & Mini Backdrop Discount Coupon

I really love this box, it got alot of interesting goodies & I’m looking forward to reading the book! I’m already looking forward to the September ‘All That Sass’ box! Are you?


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