Review: Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody

“It’s not fair that the Up-Mountainers get to storm our Festival and then call us the criminals. They get drunk, and they buy drugs, and they pay for all sorts of sins and call us the sinners for giving them the business they want.”

– Amanda Foody

I got this book in July’s Fairyloot and I’m so surprised by how good this story is! I’m not a carnaval/circus type, so was a bit hesitant to read it ad first, but I was so glad I did!

The setting is a dark carnaval, always on the move through the fictive lands of the story. In this book, they are in the wealthy Up-Mountains, where they aren’t very accepting towards the Down – mountains and outcasts in general which results in a sort of tension you can feel really good during the book. The world building and the descriptions of all the places in the book are clear, but not too detailed.

Sorina was displayed as a true 16 year old, including all the insecurities and wanting her dad to be proud of he. She was really relatable as a protagonist and her character was very well written. I really liked how the book didn’t flood in characters and every one of them gets mentions throughout the book, so even the side characters have a decent character building. I grew quite attached to the main characters and the illusions so quite early on, that my heart really broke after every murder. Reading about the characters made me feel like they were persons instead of just a name. Really well done.

The plot was really mysterious, I trust and doubted everyone. I can say, without spoiling, the end was something I never saw coming! I was entertained from cover to cover and if there will ever be a sequel, I’m totally buying it!!

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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