Sampler review: Furyborn (Empirium #1) by Claire Legrand

”The empirium lies within every living thing, and every living thing is of the empirium.
Its power connects not only flesh to bone, root to earth, stars to sky, but also road to road, city to city.”

(Claire Legrand; Furyborn)

Length: prologue + 4 chapters
Format: epub (KOBO)
Source: KOBO store

I have been really excited for this book for quite some time now. I had no money to pre-order or at the release and it sold out so fast on bookdepository, that was absolutely insane! So I have to make do with this preview until the book is restocked.

After reading the preview, I was honestly impressed. Claire Legrand has very smooth writing and her pace is not too slow. And even though I read just two chapter, two from both POV’s, I like how both characters are different without many words saying something about it. So far, the world building and the atmosphere are also well written.

I was already excited for this book and had plans buying it, but after this little taste I am really curious how this fold out! Especially for how the quite unique way of POV’s will go together. I hope it will live up to my expectations!

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