Review: Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows #2) by Leigh Bardugo

“I don’t like this.”
“To be fair, Matthias, you don’t like much.”

(Leigh Bardugo; Crooked Kingdom)


I have this thing with sequels, I always love them so badly! The first book always has alot of pages full of introduction, world building and working towards the plot and the sequel just starts in the middle of it all with more room for the actual story. Besides that, this was one hell of a sequel and the other day I saw on Leigh’s twitter she has *plans* for a third book!

What I liked most about this sequel is even though the ending of Six of Crows ended in a way you HAD to immediatly pick up the next book, the story developed pretty different to my expectations. It left me wondering at some points, eager to turn the page and find out what happened next, but also with alot of emotions and a sore heart. Some things I really value in a good read.

I definitely recommend this duology, even if you haven’t read the Grishaverse Trilogy beforehand. The story is strong and one of a kind. I can’t really say if I liked the story of the first or second part better as they tie in together as if it is just one, thick book. The reason I gave Crooked Kingdom five stars instead of the four I gave to Six of Crows is mainly because of the writing. Nothing major or really explainable, but it was easier to read through and gave that one little push to that extra star.

I have got a box set of the Grishaverse Trilogy on its way and I really can’t wait to dive into this world again. Leigh’s writing has a special layer on it, something my other favourite authors don’t have and I can’t explain it. I am excited to read the trilogy and for the the release of King of Scars!

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Click here to view this review on Goodreads.


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