Sampler review: Blackwing (Raven’s Mark #1) by Ed McDonald

”The Nameless aren’t gods, but they’re far enough from mortal that the distinction matters little, and gods and Nameless both like us on our knees.”

(Ed McDonald; Blackwing)

Length: 2 chapters (34 pages)
Format: Print
Source: Fairyloot August 2017

I got this sampler in a Fairyloot box last year and I hadn’t heard anything about both this book and author before. I did add the book to my to-read list right away, as all the books featured in Fairyloot boxes are so good.

The first chapter places you in the middle of the Misery right away. A huge wasteland full of corrupted magic and creatures that were named, but I couldn’t imagine what they could be like. The first two chapters tell a bit about the Misery and how it was formed, but leave you in the dark about what the story will bring further. The sampler ends with with a small cliffhanger that makes you want to read more and find out what happens next.

The story sounds so dark and I love it. It has magic, post-apocalyptic influences and so much more. The writing was so easy to follow and each sentence had a certain flow that I read this sampler quite fast. Like I said, the book was already on my TBR, but I really want to read the rest of the story as soon as I can, as I want to read more dark fantasy books. I saw the sequel, Ravencry, came out not so long ago, so I can continue the ride immediatly after reading Blackwing.

Have you read Blackwing? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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