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I saw this book tag on Jamsu‘s blog and it seemed fun! I haven’t read Bloodlines yet, but she mentioned you can do the tag without doing so. I believe the names related to the questions/statements are characters in the book and it looks amazing! As I don’t own the book, I gathered a few bloodred books to fit the theme.

The only rule for participating is linking back tot the creator of the tag, Jamsu! Enjoy!

Hopper: A Magical Creature I’d Take As A Pet

A Niffler! They are just too cute. I’d just fetch it a few shinies to keep it busy when it is not cuddling with me.

Golden Lily Tattoo: Bookish Tattoos I Have Or Would Like To Have

I don’t have any tattoos (yet), but many ideas have sparked through my head. The ‘Dark Mark’ from Harry Potter is really cool (and someone I know actually has it!), but I am not a ‘bad guy’ type. I think more of something simple like the suit symbol tattoos The Irons have in Ace of Shades or a simplified version of Feyre’s sleeve from ACOTAR.

Moroi: A Paranormal Book

I haven’t read many books in this genre, but the one I did read is absolutely amazing! The title is Hex, written by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. It is a paranormal thriller and written so well! I read the Dutch version with the alternative ending and I plan to read the original (also Dutch) and the English one (same ending, different setting) sometime.

Strigoi: A Book With A Character You’d Like To Bring Back

There is a character in the Six of Crows duology I want back, especially noe King of Scars is on its way and a Six of Crows #3 was confirmed. But I can’t tell you as it is a spoiler.

Dhampir: A Book With A Kickass Character

Throne of Glass, the MC is literally an assassin since she was 8th. Can’t get more kickass, can it?

Spirit: Mental illness book

A book that made a real impact on me is Hersenschimmen by J. Bernlef (translated title is Out of Mind). It tells the story of a man affected by dementia from a first person perspective. The story doesn’t have chapters and feels really messy with all the memories, thoughts

Sydney Sage: A Book With Witches And Magic

Such a cliché, but the first book that came to my mind was Harry Potter. I can’t help it. The theme of witches and magic is just so strong in this book series. Don’t blame me.

Adrian Ivashkov: A Character You’d Date

Kell. He is the MC in the Shades of Magic trilogy and he is so lovable, I wan’t to hug him. He kinda reminds me of Newt Scamander in some ways.

The Fiery Heart: Favourite Ships

This is a fun one, so let’s name some in a non-particular order:

I feel these ships SO STRONG.

Brayden Cartwright: Contemporary Book

I don’t read a lot of contemporary, but there is one book that comes to mind everytime again: Will Grayson, Will Grayson. Such a lovely book, I really enjoyed reading it even though I am a huge lover of fantasy books.

Jared Sage: A Character You Just Can’t Stand

Vianca Augustine from Ace of Shades. That name alone. Yuk. I can’t say much more about her.

Rose and Lissa: Friendship Goals

I really love the dynamic between Kell and Rhy in A Darker Shade of Magic. I know they are technically adoptive brothers, but their relationship is so much more than that. I have true respect for both of them.

Jillian Mastrano Dragomir: A Book About Royals/Royalty

I happen to read one right now: Siege and Storm, the sequel of Shadow and Bone. While the royals aren’t that important, one of them mingled themselve in the circle of main characters. Not gonna say a name as that is a spoiler! I am really enjoying them though.

This tag was really fun to do and I will try do more bookish tags in the future (and feel free to tag me in some!)

I am tagging Sleepy Sam Reads, The Bookish Chick, Jamsu Dreams, and everyone else who wants to do this!
I would love you to link back to me or send me a link so I can read your posts aswell!


10 thoughts on “Bloodlines Book – Tag

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  1. I was so exited to see someone doing my tag! I didn’t get a notification but thankfully I noticed your post (: You mentioned Ace Of Shades a few times so I need to check what that book is about!

    I was surprised to see that you ship Malina. I don’t think I know anyone else who ships those two. Usually everyone ship her with either Darkling or Nikolai.

    Also I really need to continue Shades Of Magic. I’ve only read the first book so far.


    1. I have NO clue how to do a correct pingback so people get a notification so I just did a link.

      I am halfway Siege and Storm and even though not everything is perfect, their relationship seems more realistic than all the live happily ever after couples you see nowadays. The Darkling is so toxic and wrong and Nikolai doesn’t seem like her type.

      I have also only read the first book of Shades of Magic but I am such a fangirl! Just ridiculous lmao.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You need to link to one of their posts, like in my bloodlines tag post etc. I didn’t know either until someone pointed it out 😀

        I only read the first book and didn’t enjoy it. I own all books though, so I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to continue or not. I just know that I don’t like Mal.

        I got the first Shades Of Magic (collector’s edition) as a Christmas gift last year. I think I would’ve continued if the series’ hardcovers weren’t so expensive.


        1. How do you ping back to a specific post? Only think I know is you add a link to a word or some sentences. Does that work? I am googling it aswell.

          About ADSOM: I think if you buy the whole trilogy in paperback and keep the collectors edition as a trophy beside it, it is cheaper than buying the remaing hardbacks. Atleast, that is the case on


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