Unboxing | L.E. DeLano’s Summer Giveaway Prize!

Earlier this week, I got a note from PostNL (Dutch post service) in the letterbox saying a package arrived at the service point. I went to get it and it was such a big box! I really love when something comes from abroad, it is full with labels and stamps from where it has been. When unboxing, I felt like a little girl opening her Christmas presents.

Somehow, July was a very my lucky month for me. I won a total of 7(!) giveaways of which this was one. I have no idea how I got so lucky. Anyway, my original plan was to wait till all the items I won arrived and make one big post showing them, but this Summer Swag Bag was just too lovely to limit the attention to just a few lines. I will still do the post of all, so consider this an extra 🙂

Below, I have added pictures of all items I won in the Summer Giveaway from L.E. DeLano. It features some Summer Swag and two of DeLano’s books, signed by her!

When I opened the box, everything was stashed in this lovely beach bag.


I saw an envelope and this cute postcard was in it. How sweet!
The first item in the bag was a travel book rest! It is a stand in which you can put your book, tablet or e-reader so you don’t have to hold it.
I tried it out and it is really cool! Though you have to be careful not to tear a page or break the spine.


The second item is this notebook with incredibly beatiful drawins on the in- and outside.
The next item is a small collection of magnetic bookmarks. They read ”It’s A Real Page Turner,” ”Please Do Not Disturb,” ”Read Between The Lines,” and ”To Be Continued,”
This lovely anchor keychain with little glittery faux diamonds was also included. I am too scared to actually attach it to my keys, as it is so beautiful!
I really love this ‘Book Addict’ pin and it will probably join the other pins I have on my backpack.

But the main reason I participated was for the books. They were signed to me and they look absolutely beautiful in real life. Here we go!

This is the first book in the duology, Traveler!


I really love DeLano’s handwriting!

And this is the sequel, Dreamer!

Look how absolutely gorgeous this cover is!
I really love when authors write something besides the autograph!
Both books had matching bookmarks in them. This is the front.
And this is the back.

I am so happy with this price pack and I look forward to reading the books! I want to thank L.E. DeLano once again for the prices. You should check her out on Goodreads and Twitter!


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