Review: Ruin and Rising (The Grisha Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo

“Thanks for the rescue.”
“Everyone needs a hobby.”
“I thought yours was preening.”
“Two hobbies.”

(Leigh Bardugo; Ruin and Rising)


This story. Wow. When I finished it, I didn’t have words. It was that good. It more than deserves a five star rating.

When I finally thought I had the characters figured out, could follow what was happening and what not, Leigh kept surpising me by adding plottwists or just things I’d never see coming. It kept the plot so interesting, I couldn’t stop reading and I finished it in little more than 3 days, which is really fast for me.

I’d really encourage everyone to read this trilogy. It is beautiful, heartbreaking, thrilling, dark, but also filled with love, friendship and loyalty. I can truly put this trilogy on my imaginary shelf of favourite series.

I have read Six of Crows about a year ago and things I didn’t think twice about started to make sense during this trilogy. This is why I decided to ignore my TBR for a bit and go re-read Six of Crows immediatly. In the first chapter alone, there were things I understood better. I am really excited to dive in this duology again with this new perspective and I can’t wait for King of Scars next year!

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