Review: BookBeau’s Galaxy booksleeve


DSC_0787I wanted to get a second, non-white paperback booksleeve as my first one got a bit dirty and I wanted to have some variation. So I went looking around and found this amazing galaxy print BookBeau sleeve from! I got myself the ‘Indie’ size, which is 10×7.5inch. The site says it fits mosts paperbacks and most hardbacks. I have another sleeve of about the same size in which I could fit thick paperbacks, books like the 5th book of Throne of Glass (700~ pages), but I don’t have any small hardbacks to test.

It is a US based shop, so shipping to the Netherlands was a leap of faith, with customs and all. The shipping costs were lower than expected (Shipping within the NL is even more, let alone overseas!) and with the 20% off code I had, most of it was reduced. It took about a week, a little more, for it to arrive. I was surprised how fast that went actually. When opening the package, it was thinner than expected as I am used to heavily padded booksleeves.

DSC_0786My first reaction when opening the package was how absolutely stunning and bright the colours were. Both the front and the backside have a beautiful Galaxy picture on it. A downside is that the front and back were made of separate pieces of fabric and the print of the front doesn’t flow into the one on the back.
The fabric was absolutely new for me. It was soft and it dampens light impacts, like picking it up or putting it in your bag, which gives the book even more protection.

DSC_0787After using the sleeve for over a week, I can see I am really content with it. It is easy in use, dirt doesn’t really attach to the fabric and when I spilled water over it, it stayed on the top layer long enough for me to fully dry it with a towel and the inside was still completely dry! No waterdamage on my book whatsoever.  The only real downsite is that the sewing line on the inside sticks out a little on both sides as you can see in the photo below. When you try to take out your book, it can get stuck if it is a thicker book (500+ pages). I easily found a solution for the trouble: holding it upside down and letting the book slide out.

Overall, a good quality sleeve. The print is lovely, the fabric is amazing for several reasons and it is handy in use. The only real downside are those sewing lines on the inside. They are the thickest on the top, so it can be a little error while making it. I recommend people looking for a good quality sleeve to take a look at their site, even if you don’t live in the US as the shipping cost isn’t that high, because the package is flat. Four stars from me and I might order another size sometime in the future.


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  1. booksleeves are so handy! I almost always have one in my bag and I’ve also used them for transporting small tech like microphones and things if I know I’m going to have a bumpy journey.

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