Review: Among Us by Kristina Rienzi

”Two is better than one,”

(Kristina Rienzi; Among Us)


I was offered this book by Kate Tilton’s Author Services, LLC
in exchange of an honest review.

I was always a lover of alien conspiracy theories and all that, so when I was offered this book about a blogger who believes in aliens and has the government working against her, I was sold!

The story is about Marci Simon. She is an English professor, but in her free time she blogs about aliens and what she believes is true about them. Her neighbour is a believer too, but when he gives her a document with classified information about extraterrestrials as he believes she has to be the one to show the world the contents, both sides of her life collide and the story goes in a whole dynamic about how she has to reveal the truth to the world and how (and why) the government is trying to stop her from doing so. 

It is a relatively short book with just 264 (e-reader) pages, so it is a nice and quick read.  I took this book with me on my trip to London as an e-reader is far more convenient than a physical book, but didn’t have as much time and energy left at the end of each day to read as I hoped I would have. I really would have preferred to read this story in several sprints instead of reading just a handful of pages per day for a few days as the story gets so much more immersive if you read around 20% in one go.

Asides from the fact I had a bit of trouble to get truly into the story due to lack of time to read in one go, I really liked reading it. It was a very good story, well written and I love the concept of it. It felt like a realistic scenario if something like this would really happen, especially because I think most people can agree with me that the American government is hiding things from the people.
The pace of events felt reasonable aswell. It wasn’t rushed or stretched out and when more started to happen at once and thrilling things started to happen, the pace adjusted accordingly.

Something that stood out for me is how the world building was done. The story didn’t take place in a fictional world, but in New Jersey and other places in the US. The way the story was narrated wasn’t like a lot of other media do with ”Oh America, oh so cool! Everything is awesome here!”, but it truly showed the characters in the book were locals, knew their way around and were used to their surroundings like every other person in their hometown. Even though I have never been to New Jersey, or the US in general, the writing helped me immerse in area.

I recommend this book to everyone. It is a quick, not so heavy read with a really interesting storyline. I think that everyone can enjoy this book, regardless of the genres you usually read and regardless of your age, although I wouldn’t recommend it reading it too young as it is a still a thriller with gore-y parts.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I am definitely thinking about reading more of Kristina Rienzi’s work in the future!

Among Us is a New Adult Thriller written by the New Jersey thriller author Kristina Rienzi. Besides writing herself, she is a writing coach and she is the President of Sisters in Crime-Central Jersey. She believes in all things paranormal and loves a closet full of designer bags, manicures, the Law of Attraction, aliens, angels, and the value of a graduate degree in psychology.

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