Unboxing | Illumicrate ‘Oh So Criminal!’ August 2018

After not having bought any bookish box for quite a while, I decided to treat myself when I saw the theme of the August Illumicrate box: ‘Oh So Criminal!’. I paid £29.00 excl. shipping and in total I think it cost me a little over €30.00. It was a lot cheaper than the €40.00 I used to pay for Fairyloot incl. shipping. This box is also quarterly instead of monthly, so much more affordable on a year base.

I have been patiently waiting for this box for weeks, so when I came home after staying with my boyfriend while my parents were in Spain, I had some nice bookish mail waiting for me, including this box. I unboxed it with my boyfriend and I felt like a little girl opening a present. I took pictures of the items to show them to you all.

I will have a complete list of all the items with all the links to the corresponding shops at the end of the post.

This posts contains spoilers for this box. If you are still waiting for yours, don’t scroll any further.





Last chance.

After opening, I found the spoiler card on top. I put it aside to let the box surprise me along the way.
Look at this Harry Potter themed coaster. The Sirius Black pun is so bad, I love it! It also comes in handy, as I needed new coasters anyway. I have a bunch, but those are some €1 for 6 coasters and can’t really handle to get a little wet as it is just cardboard with coated top layer.
I have a thing for bookish candles, so when I saw the supplier reveal, I was really excited! At first I thought this was the Six of Crows item, but I didn’t recognized the city map in the background. I still have no clue what book it is themed after.
It smells like lime, sweet melon, water lily and musk. The scent is pretty strong, but I believe that is a good thing for when you are burning it.
This is a speech bubble necklace. The other side says ‘Protagonist’, but I like the ‘Antagonist’ side better due to the theme of the box. I am even wearing it right now when writing this post!
I am in love with this lanyard. It has my favourite Six of Crows quote on it and the symbol of The Dregs. I have no clue how I am going to use it (and I am going to), but now it is hanging from my shelf next to my Leigh Bardugo books.
The symbol up close. It is really detailed. I love it!
The whole aesthetic screams Schwab, but then I saw it was a Holly Black quote. Bummer, but it still earned a space with my V.E. Schwab books because of the colour scheme. It is a handmirror by the way.
In case you can’t see it, this is a glass nail vile. I have been looking for one for ages, but hey are Always so expensive. Look how gorgeous it is! I haven’t read anything of Jay Kristoff yet (I do have Nevernight on my shelf), so wouldn’t be able to tell which book it is from, but I can tell you I love the quote and the cat.
(As if I don’t have enough tote bags yet..) Even though I love the design, I am a bit clueless about what it says. It is probably a saying or some sort of pun, but I don’t get it. If someone does, please explain it to me.
I have a whole pile of artprints from bookish boxes and never know what to do with them. They are all beautiful, but I don’t have much space to display them.
I always like samplers, feels like I get half a book for free. I have never heard of the book or the writer before so this is quite interesting. I will read it soon and share my thoughts in a blog post.
This is a postcard with the cover of Girls of Paper and Fire. It is beautiful and maybe a good prop for the future.
Another postcard, but this time of Tempests and Slaughter. The font of the title reminds me of the font used on the A Court of Thorns and Roses books.
I saw this and I really like the idea of including a flyer with upcoming releases. It seems to be Heart of Thorns themed!
I have only heard of five titles of all these and I own one of them, Fierce Like A Firestorm, already. That proofs how good these flyers can be.


The ultimate highlight of every bookbox is ofcourse… the book!

This is a hardcover copy of Sarah J. Maas’ Catwoman: Soulstealer. It is the third book in the DC Icons series.
It has extremely gorgeous sprayed pages. The colour leans somewhere between a bright pink and purple and I love it!
A little close up of the back of the book.
The book came with a matching bookmark. The front features the cover of the copy I got in the box.
The back features the alternate cover of the book.
I decided to leave the photo challenge to the end, because spoilers.

The complete list of all the items and links to the shops:

  • A hardcover copy of Catwoman: Soulstealer by Sarah J. Maas with sprayed edges. (The link is to a special Goodreads page for this edition!)
  • ‘Villains Are My Bag’ totebag designed by @kdpletters
  • ‘Sirius Snacks’ coaster designed by @katieabey
  • ‘Darkdawn’ Nail File designed by @heyatlascreative
  • ‘No Mourners No Funerals’ Lanyard designed by @fableandblack
  • ‘Antagonist/Protagonist’ Necklace made by @_down_the_rabbithole_
  • ‘Perfect Heist’ Candle made by @elvenwickcandles
  • ‘Easiest Lies’ Mirror designed by @reverieandink
  • ‘Gotham Sirens’ Print by @jamilamehio
  • BONUS ITEMS: Girls of Paper and Fire and Tempests and Slaughter Postcards, Sisters of the Winter Wood Sampler and a Harper 360 Anticipated Reads Flyer

All these items, except the book, were exclusively made and/or designed for this box!

The backside of the spoiler card I showed at the start.

I am really glad I ordered this box to experience it. It was cheaper than Fairyloot, but I feel like there are more items in it (excluding art prints) and the quality is really good. Depending on the upcoming themes, I will stay subscribed to this box. Quarterly seems to fit me better than monthly (and my bankaccount loves me for it).

The only downside is that I was SO convinced the box would contain Dance of Thieves by Mary E. Pearson (and Catwoman: Soulstealer didn’t even cross my mind), that I pre-ordered a paperback copy of Catwoman: Soulstealer. It is a shame, but on the other hand, as I am a real Sarah J. Maas fan, the book is really nice for my collection. My boyfriend also had a good point saying that when I am going to read it, I should read the hardback so the paperback stays nice and a hardback can take a bump.

I would really recommend Illumicrate to every booklover, especially Europeans as Illumicrate is UK based, so the shipping is rather kind. Meanwhile, I am already looking forward to the next box of Illumicrate.


16 thoughts on “Unboxing | Illumicrate ‘Oh So Criminal!’ August 2018

Add yours

    1. Thank you so much! I decided to give Illumicrate a try as it is much cheaper and the last few Fairyloots I received a while back had a ton of art prints and not actual items, which sucked and I lost some interest. Their later boxes seem so cool, but I am afraid to take the leap of faith for €40 total :/

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      1. I’ve had Fairyloot for over a year now and I do think they’ve had a few less good boxes of late, I might have to switch over and try some new things next year and maybe just buy the box if I love the theme! (But then I get severe FOMO so I can’t really win!)


            1. Ahh yeah I understand that feeling. Had that when I first skipped Fairyloot after three months and OFCOURSE that month had an ARC. The next time I bought a Fairyloot, the book sucked and again a ton of art prints 😦 Just bad luck I believe. And absolute no hate towards Fairyloot, but the box is just too expensive for the contents imo.

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  1. oooh that book boxes are so cute! That Sirius pun, though. I’m dying. xD The box looks super cute, and I’ve heard good things about the book. I hope you enjoy it!

    Liked by 1 person

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