Review: Vicious (Villains #1) by V.E. Schwab

“Did you know that when you take away a person’s fear of pain, you take away their fear of death? You make them, in their own eyes, immortal. Which of course they’re not, but what’s the saying? We are all immortal until proven otherwise?”

(V.E. Schwab; Vicious)


The book started in a graveyard and I hooked to the story right away. I like dark and grim, which was exactly the vibe that stuck throughout the rest of the book. There were many twists and turns as things start to make more and more sense every chapter. Something special about the chapers is that, especially at the start of the book, the narration switches between the present and the past. I personally think this is an amazing way of story telling at first you don’t get what is going on and why, but later you learn more, but it also creates more questions. The mystery it creates goes perfectly with the grim storyline.

Besides the way the story was told, the story itself is really one of a kind. Most fantasy stories have that classic hero-villain arc, but here, there weren’t really heroes. The series is called Villains and it really recaps the essence of the story. The concept is really cool, but the way it was written held the true magic. I have a hard time expressing it without spoiling, but trust me, it is good!

I have read only one book by Schwab before this one. It was A Darker Shade of Magic and I immediatly added Victoria Schwab to my list of favourite authors. A Darker Shade of Magic is also a novel in Victoria’s Adult ensemble and I think that I liking that book so much was the reason I was able to jump into Vicious without any doubts.

I have given this book four stars when I closed the book. It was midnight, I was exhausted and didn’t judge this book good enough. Throughout drafting this review I decided this book belongs on my 5 star shelf as it is an incredible read and I was really hooked everytime I opened the book again. I liked the different style the story was told in and it felt really unique.

If you like things like grim experiments, near death experiences and weird powers or just something dark, this book is just for you! But be quick with reading it as the sequel is coming out in 26 days on the 25th of September!

Special thanks to @MKLangley for granting my #bookishwish for this book! I loved reading it and can’t wait for the sequel.

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