Blog Tour | Review: City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab

“One foot in winter and one in spring.
One foot with the living and one with the dead.”

(Victoria Schwab; City of Ghosts)


I am participating in the #CityOfGhostsBlogTour during the month September! With this review, I am kicking off the tour. More info at the end of this post!

I’ve had so many feeling reading this. Like, a ton. I am in love with Victoria Schwab her strange and unique stories and this one really caught me off guard. A sweet little girl going through a near death experience and has to deal with the aftermath on her own, except for her one friend no one else can see or hear. Because it is Middle Grade, there isn’t much emphasis on such feelings, but as an 18yo I obviously thought about it all which really made an impact on me. That just shows how good the building of this book is.

In short, the story is about a girl, Cassidy Blake, who can travel between our world and to an in-between world for ghosts after she nearly drowned. Ironically, her parents are these famous paranormal authors called the Inspectres (Inspectors of spectres). When her parents get a deal for a TV series, they travel to Edinburgh, a haunted city, for the first episode. Well, you can imagine how that goes with a girl that can sense ghosts and a city full of them.

When I read the blurb of this book, I already got so excited. I love spooky and scary stories and I loved reading this piece of art even more. But the only reason I was able to read this book before bed and actually fall asleep after, was because the scaryness was toned down to a middle grade level (and even with that I still wouldn’t gives this book to my 9yo brother! Poor kid.) But this book is truly very well written and I outgrew the age range of MG for years now, I felt so good reading this. The writing style is amazing, like in all Victoria’s books. I started reading this book right after Vicious, which is an adult story by Schwab, and besides the whole contrast in way of writing for the targeted audience, you could still feel the essence of the author in the book. I absolutely love that.

I really recommend this book. It is perfect for the incoming dark days in Autumn and for Halloween (I know it is almost two months away, but let me dream.) It is a rather short book, so you easily read through it in a short time. It is also the first installment in a the series named after the protagonist, Cassidy Blake, so be prepared to be invested in this world when you are done reading.

In short, this is a wonderful story regardless your age (unless you are easily spooked) and I think everyone should read it, especially if you have read and like other work of Schwab in the past or like spooky stories in general.

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As I mentioned at the start, this review is part of the City of Ghosts Blog Tour hosted by Noura @ ThePerksOfBeingNoura! Throughout the month September, a group of bloggers will post about this first installment in the new series Cassidy Blake by Victoria Schwab.
As I am the first one to post, the timetable is yet quite empty. I will update it throughout the month with each new post, but make sure to follow the #CityOfGhostsBlogTour on Twitter so you do not miss anything!
There are still spots open, so if you’d like to participate, send me (@servillas_) or Noura (@NunuKz) a DM on Twitter or comment on this post. All sorts of posts are welcome!

The CoG Blog Tour Time Table:

September 5th – A review by Ezzie’s Bookshelf
September 7th – A post by ThePerksOfBeingNoura
September 10th – A review by Lily @ Sprinkles Of Dreams
September 11th – A review by Becca Leighanne

More dates TBA…

I wish all the readers and participants the best fun and good luck!


18 thoughts on “Blog Tour | Review: City of Ghosts (Cassidy Blake #1) by Victoria Schwab

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  1. Ahhh this book sounds so good! I’m actually really excited to pick it up and read it with my seven-year-old, because she’s been looking for scary stories, and she’s scared of NOTHING (so, clearly, she’s not mine, because I’m a big scaredy cat haha!) This is a great review, and it just makes me want to read this all the more. 😀


  2. When you said “you could still feel the essence of the author in the book”, I wholly agree!
    I love when author’s are on brand. I’m totally cool with author’s moving from fluffy contemporary to grim and dark fantasy if they want, but I like when an author’s “signature” sticks no matter what they write. In V.E. Schwab’s case, she doesn’t recycle her own writing but she consistently has a fresh twist or take on her favorite themes. That’s one of the things that makes her my favorite author!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love EVERYTHING that Victoria Schwab writes (especially the Shades of Magic series) and this book has been on my radar for over a year! Even though it is MG, I don’t think that Schwab can do any wrong. I am glad to hear that City of Ghosts lives up to the hype!

    Liked by 1 person

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