Sampler Review: Ignite The Stars (Ignite The Stars #1) by Maura Milan

“May your eyes be open, Einn.” Einn said the words as though they had been programmed into his heart. “And your path be clear.”

I got this sampler from a giveaway hosted by Maura Milan herself and I am so glad I did! I love samplers and excerpts as those give you the true taste of the story, not the blurbs you find online.

The sampler was 23 pages long, but the pages were quite small, about A5 size. Though it was short, it was absolutely enough to sell the story. I couldn’t stop reading and I am already longing for more.

I am definitely going buy this book at some point as the concept of the story seems really promising. The sampler got me hooked and I was reading at the edge of my chair even though it was just a few pages. But first I need to get through my review copies and get released from my book buying ban. But if you are able to, go support this debut author!

Ignite The Stars was released on September 4th, so go support this book in its first week!

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