New Blog Series: MEET THE AUTHOR

In the past I have never announced a new blog series like this, if you can count some of my posts as a series that is. But, this one is important. I am feeling very confident about this idea and the thought behind it makes me believe this the thing I need to do on my blog. My heart and soul are going into this initiative and I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

What is the idea of this series?

The idea of this series is to collaborate with authors with way less exposure than the bigger authors we all know and love, to give them some well deserved attention, to give them a chance to introduce themselves and let them talk about their book on other platforms than their own. But it is also an opportunity for myself to step outside my comfort zone regarding authors and books in general.

What gave me the idea?

Some of you might have seen my tweet yesterday, asking for sci-fi/fantasy titles written by lesser known and indie authors. I wanted to do one post to highlight a list of those books to give those books and authors some love they deserve, but quickly after I posted that tweet, I realised that I could work WITH those authors instead, so I added that to the thread.

What inspired me to do this?

The idea of this came to me after I have been working with authors I never heard of before and reading their work and I absolutely loved it! I knew it already deep down, but it just hit me harder that fame doesn’t define the quality of a book and that all authors deserve love for their hard work. But they need exposure for that. I am not a big blogger, but even if I can convince one person to buy a book or shelf some titles on Goodreads, I consider my mission complete.

What can people expect from this series?

You can expect that every post will let you get to know the author and their book.

The post itself will start with a little introduction from my side. It will be followed by the interview/Q&A part. I will either prepare some questions myself or I try to gather questions from my followers, your choice. After that, there will be room for you to write anything you want aslong it is tied to your book, you being a writer, etc. I will include a small author bio along the way.

I want to note that ‘Meet The Author’ is possibly not the final title, but if/when I change it, I will update this post and share it on my social media.

How does one sign up?

If you are lesser known/indie author and you want to participate, you can fill out this form, or, if you are more comfortable with it, email me at with the title ”Meet The Author” with the information below.

I’d like to start with Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopian writing authors, as that fits in my current niche of genres. Dependent on the response, I will broaden the range of genres in the near future.

Things I’d want you to include in your email:
– Your full name or the (pen)name you use for your books
– Title of your book + publication date
– An introduction of yourself and your book
– Links to your social media and other platforms
– A high resolution auhor picture and a small author bio
– If you want to do an interview or a Q&A*
– Whether or not you want me to read and review your book up front**

* If you want a Q&A with questions of followers, I’d love your help to gather questions. As I want to include about 10 questions in the Q&A, I can’t promise to gather them all on my own.

** I love reading and reviewing, but I can’t promise anything short term. I am currently only accepting Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Dystopian books in either phyical or ePUB format. For everything else or more questions, I’d like to refer you to my review policy.

What can readers do to contritbute to this series?

As I sometimes want to do a Q&A with a collection of questions of other people, I am always looking for questions. General questions are welcome all the time, but sometimes I will need personalised question for specific authors. When I need the latter, I will tweet about it on my Twitter and you can just reply or DM me. If you prefer doing it by email, sent it to with as subject ‘MTA questions’.

Another thing you can do is referring lesser know/indie authors to either this post or me directly. This will increase the traffic for this series and more opportunity for both parties.

Helping me out in these matters is extremely appreciated!

I want to thank everyone for taking time to read this post and I would love it if it would be shared, especially if you know authors that deserve some attention!

I am looking forward to share the first post soon! See you there 🙂


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