ARC Review: Forsaken Genesis (Deluge Prophecies #1) by M.J. Marinescu

“We’re one pack, pup. A wolf who runs alone will never find success,”


I was offered this e-ARC by M.J. Marinescu in exchange of an honest review.

At the time of receiving this book, I was reading something else, but I couldn’t help but be excited to read this. The concept of the story isn’t like anything I have read before and it immediatly stood out for me. And I can tell, the book lived up to my excitement and then more.

The book takes place in Avalon, part of a world where humans live under the protection of the DOC (Department of Control). They try to keep humanity oblivious about subhumans, like ghouls, werewolves and vampires, and the Awakened, people with magical powers.

The story is about Melissa Lau, a girl who escapes from the Seven Stars Foundation, a school for gifted girls. After running away, she ends up in the Underhive, a secret part of the city where subhumans live under the control of the Order of Shield, a secret military organisation. She ends up in a world completely unknown to her, with memories coming and going. One of the residents of the Underhive takes her under his wing and gives her shelter. She is able to live freely, but when the Order is suddenly looking for her months later, she ends up in more trouble than expected and learns more about who she really is.

What I think I liked the best was how immersive the writing is. It was like I was standing next to Melissa at all times. It really helped me to catch the true essence of the story and characters. The dynamic between characters, the friendships, their emotions, it was all expressed so well and it also felt realistic.

The story itself was really well done. There were quite some turns I would have never expected and the as the story goes you are left in the dark, which is a good thing. It fills you up with questions you want answered and try to puzzle out what is going on yourself, which is impossible so you just need to keep reading. The arc of the story has very good pacing. The writer did a good job in skipping so called ‘dead’ time, so it stays interesting. The story begins with a lonely girl wanting to revenge her friend, but it fold out in so much more, all in correct pacing fitting to the events.

Something I don’t want to forget to point out is there is some seriously adorable f/f rep in this book. The ship was so real from the moment both characters met. Not going to tell names, but it is so good!

I really enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait for the next book (while book one isn’t even officially out, sigh). In the meantime, I would really recommend this book to lovers of fantasy! It has magic, f/f rep, strange creatures and secret organisations. It is a real pageturner and it keeps you hooked throughout the entire book. Best part is, it is the first installment of a series and I have got a feeling the real fun will start in book two!

Keep an eye on my Twitter around the release date for a link to buy this book. It will be available in hardback, paperback and ebook!

Forsaken Genesis releases on the 24th of October.
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M.J. MarinescuForsaken Genesis is the first installment in the Deluge Prophecies series by the debuting author M.J. Marinescu. Born in Ottowa Ontario, M.J Marinescu has been has been writing stories and dreaming about being a novelist from a young age. Besides writing, he also devotes time to fitness and martial arts and enjoys art, animals and nature.

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