Updates – September 2018

Hey readers,

Instead of writing a review or doing a tag, I decided to get y’all updated on some matters. In short, I will talk about my newest blog series MEET THE AUTHOR, my new Twitter (and why I have made it), my new posting schedule and my break from bookstagram.

Before I get into more details, none of this affects my blog, my content, my reviewing or anything else. They are just a few matters I am sorting out right now and I thought it was important for people to know these things.

MEET THE AUTHOR (My newest blog series).

Long story short, my newest series is created to give the less famous authors a chance to be in the spotlight. An episode of this series includes a brief interview written by me, something the authors themselves wrote, a highlight of their book that either releases this or next year, and more. I also give the authors the option that I read and review their book beforehand so I can upload and link a review to the MTA post. As I am just starting with this initiative, I am only accepting Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Dystopian books. I have written a detailed post about it last week with more information, click this to read it.

If you are an author and interested in this initative, you can fill out the form below or email me with the information provided at the end of this post.


My new Twitter account.

I have decided to separate my personal Twitter from bookish Twitter and I made a second Twitter account named after my blog, @EzziesBookshelf.

This far, I have used my personal Twitter account for everything as I thought having one Twitter was easier to handle. I proved myself wrong in that and the bookish side of my Twitter took over and started to overwhelm me. I was following a ton of bloggers, reviewers and booktubers as I once thought that was the way to make acqaintances. I found out it didn’t work like that. The algorhythm of Twitter never showed me any Tweets of most of the people I follow or all the Tweets of a few. As I love the bookish side of Twitter, I decided to make a second account as purging my following list from bookish accounts ain’t fun either.

So what does this mean for the future? Not much really. I am slowly transitioning my bookish talk from @servillas_ to @EzziesBookshelf, but aslong as most of my followers haven’t migrated yet, I will still be somewhat active on my personal account with bookish talk. I will, however, keep promoting my blog and blogpost on my personal aswell as my blog is a part of me aswell.
For future Tweets on my personal account, you can expect more of my love for gaming, Marvel, series, pretty much everything and the bookish talk won’t truly vanish, but I keep the majority of it over at my book Twitter.

If you are reading this and plan to follow my new account, comment your Twitter handle and I will follow you back!

New posting schedule.

It is nothing special and not that different than my old schedule, but since my school started at the start of this month I decided to change my posting schedule from every other day to Mon-Wed-Fri. This schedule helps me plan ahead and I never have an awkward ‘two posts in a weekend’ situation anymore. I am spending the weekends with my boyfriend and I don’t always have time to write and schedule those posts beforehand.

This schedule barely changes the amount of posts I upload, it is just one less every other week. If I do have something extra to share during the week, I will probably use either Saturday or Sunday for that. But, what I think is the best thing, is that my readers now know when to expect new content from me.

So far about my new schedule, there isn’t much else to say.

My break from bookstagram.

From all the things above, this was the easiest to deal with.
Over a year ago I created a bookish-instagram account and I really loved joining the community at that time. I also wrote a post about my one year anniversary on my bookstagram not too long ago. But lately, I didn’t enjoy being on instagram anymore, not like that. I barely had any engagement even though I have more than 500 followers and most people seem to care more about the picture than the actual post. Even though I know Instagram is a social media based around pictures, I didn’t like it anymore. Taking pictures felt like a chore aswell. So I went with my first impulse and decided to leave bookish instagram for what it is now and maybe I will return at some point, but I can’t really tell that now.

I will probably do more of these kinds of updates in the future to keep my followers up-to-date. Thank you all for sticking around!


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  1. Oh I wholly empathize with you on the twitter thing! I talk about video games and tennis a lot on my account, alongside the book stuff, and I’m wondering if I should make a separate account just for the book stuff. I shall follow you on bot h your accounts, though! Always happy to find a fellow gamer! 😀 I’m @aildreda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is really freeing to have separate timelines. I can scroll through my booktwitter and when I am bored of that, I can just switch for everything else. I followed you back btw!


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