ARC Review: Outrun The Wind by Elizabeth Tammi

”But nobody can beat fate – not even her. Nobody can outrun the wind.”


I was offered this e-ARC by Elizabeth Tammi in exchange of an honest review.
Thanks to NetGalley for providing it.

I was quite excited to read this book as I really love Greek mythology. I had Greek and Latin language and mythology lessons for almost 4 years during middle school, but myths were always told in short tales instead of like an actual book, which is a shame as a lot of those stories are incredible and I think they would speak to more people in a more bookish format.

I had heard of the name Atalanta and I knew about the existence Artemis’ Huntresses, but never heard about their stories or truly knew why they were so famous. I went in this book pretty much blind and didn’t have any material to compare the story with, so I had no expectations of the story itself. I think it was a good thing as this is a retelling and things get changed and you can get disappointed with adaptions if you are fan of the original. But that is me and I think there are plenty of Mythology lovers that are just thrilled to read this take on the stories of the Huntresses of Artemis and Atalanta.

In short, the book is about one of Artemis’ Huntresses, Kahina. She became part of the Hunt when she was rescued by them from Apollo, Artemis’ twin broher, and an awful life as the Oracle of Delphi. She loves being part of the Hunt, both for the protection from Apollo and living with a group of female warriors, even though she was still being affected by the lingering prophetic powers. While being part of the Hunt, the Huntresses only had to obey two rules: never disobey the goddess and never fall in love. But when a routine missions goes wrong, Kahina breaks the first rule. To earn back Artemis’ favour, she has to complete a dangerous task. What that task is and how she broke the rule is revealed early in the book in case you got curious.

I dove into this book fairly soon after receiving it and I was hooked really fast. It starts with such an interesting event, right in the middle of the action and it just plays out without too much extra and I am not gonna spoil anything, but say it shows how badass women can be and how they can stand up for themselves. I loved every part of it and I hope to see more of it in Elizabeth’s next work.

The story itself didn’t have a huge, complicated plot or hundreds of pages and I actually thought it really fit the kind of story. It wasn’t dragged out and I believe more authors should take a note here. The pacing of the story felt really natural; the action packed scenes had a quicker pace compared to, let’s say, a dinner, just to keep up the thrill of the moment. The other way round I liked how I could just enjoy moments of friendship in less of a hurry. I was carried away on the wave of this story and I have stayed up late several nights, because I wanted to read ‘one more chapter’ as was too curious what happened next to put down my e-reader. I wished I could have finished this book quicker, but falling ill and a busy schedule certainly didn’t help.
The characters were really well written and felt like real people. The MC’s truly felt like girls my age, even though they live in a completely different world. I absolutely felt for them and understood their emotions and choices as they were expressed clearly, but not overly. This deserves some praise coming from a debuting author, as there are still authors who have published several books and are still having trouble doing this.

I’d really recommend this book. It is a whole different sort of fantasy as it is a Greek mythology retelling, but any lover of fantasy will absolutely adore this book. This is one of those books you can devour in one or a few sits, which is totally recommended. Giving bonus points for the great female leads and the LGBT+ rep, really well done.
As it seems now, Outrun The Wind will be a stand-alone, but Elizabeth has plans for more stories in the same universe! Until then, go read this book, you won’t regret it.

Outrun The Wind releases November 27th!
Pre-order now on Amazon and Bookdepository!

Elizabeth Tammi author picture

Elizabeth Tammi is debuting with her novel Outrun The Wind.
She was born in California and grew up in Florida, but is currently double-majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism as an undergraduate at Mercer University in Georgia. When she’s not writing, you can probably find Elizabeth at rehearsal for one of her vocal ensembles, or at work for her university’s newspaper and literary magazine. Her other interests include traveling, caffeinated beverages, and mythology.

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