Review: Vengeful (Villains #2) by V.E. Schwab

“How many men would she have to turn to dust before one took her seriously?”


Vengeful is the highly anticipated sequel of Vicious, a novel that came out five years ago. But even a week before release, there were still people like ”VICIOUS HAS A SEQUEL?!” as no one would expect a sequel after five years. It is incredible seeing how the fans of Schwab react to this release.
One thing I am really impressed with is that Victoria wrote the book and then RE-WROTE it from scratch over the span of a few months ‘as it was good, but could be so much more’. Victoria has such strong writing and plot building and seeing her do a thing like that just makes me have more respect for her.

I finished this gem yesterday morning and in hindsight I truly wish I would have binged it in a few days instead of the week and a half it took me. The biggest question, ofcourse, is if I liked it. The answer is yes, obviously. The atmosphere was immediatly so familiar, and I was swept in the world of Villains once again. Besides the characters we knew from the first book, it introduced two really interesting figures: Marcella and June. Not gonna say much about them, as the true magic is to get to know them in the story, but you can read Marcella’s introduction in the online excerpt of Vengeful.
I gave this book five stars as I was once again blown away by amazing writing and an even better story. Besides all the other good things I mentioned, this book really felt as a continuation of book one. It is starting where the last book left off, instead of just another story in the same universe that only has a red line of the plot that connects one book to the other. Not going into too much detail, but it is impressive how Victoria did it.

I’d really recommend reading this duology to anyone really as it is an incredible story with amazing writing. It is an amazing read if you like superpowers like the X-Men combined with vengeance, murder, death, near-death, friends becoming enemies and so much more. The books have such strong plots and the way it is told is so unique. The chapters bounce back and forth in time from two days ago to five years ago to tell the story in such special way. You get invested into the characters really easily,

I only read Vicious a little over a month ago, but I am actually glad it was so close to the release of the sequel. I can’t imagine how it would feel to wait five years for a sequel! The world was still fresh in my memory, so when I picked up Vengeful finally, I was swept away instantly. I absolutely love Victoria’s writing, it feels so right reading her books. I hope there will be another book, but Victoria already said that if there would be another book, it will take years for it to release. So for now, I have enough time catching up with all the other books from Schwab, as I have still three unread ones on my shelf, one on the way and even more I don’t even own. This will be an amazing journey.

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