Review: A Bit Grim, Isn’t It by Christopher Galvin

”Before I do anything else, I stop.
I feel as if I have just begun.
To exist.
A part of me laughs at that.
But a larger part nods its head in agreement.”


I was offered this book by Christopher Galvin in exchange of an honest review.

My love for short stories only blossomed earlier this year when I got a free short story in a newsletter. Since then, I am kind of a sucker for them. You can just sit down with them with a cup of tea and enjoy. I was very happy to recieve this book for that very reason.

The book is a little less than 130 pages long and contains ten short stories, written by Christopher over time. As the title suggests, the stories are a bit grim. Not scary or spooky, but all sorts of grim stories. The formatting reminds me more of a poetry book than a regular novel and honestly, it read really nice with the style of stories and narrating.
I sat down one afternoon when I was home sick and reading it was really nice. It isn’t too heavy, though the stories are a bit grim like the title suggests, but mostly with a nice twist. I really enjoyed reading this. The stories were all really different with different themes or different worlds, but they all fit together really well underneath the shared title of the bundle. The cover really fits with that aswell.
The writing style was really good aswell. I can’t really describe it, but based on what I have read, I definitely consider reading more of Christophers work. When reading, I kept turning the page, kept going to the next story, as I was really hooked and was curious for more. I really appreciate when people their writing have that trait.

This book was a solid four star read. You can just sit down with it and enjoy it without spending too long on reading it. I also think this short story bundle is perfect for people who are looking for Halloween reads, but aren’t really into scary thrillers.
I recommend this book to lovers of short stories and to people who are looking for a refreshing read in between some bigger books or people in a reading slump, as you can get through this in one afternoon and it is really enjoyable.

‘A Bit Grim, Isn’t It?’ is available for purchase on Amazon!


Chris has been an avid writer since an early age. He has written short stories, film and comic reviews, short film and animation screenplays, one feature film screenplay and 2 webcomics. His short film ‘Stuck’ has had a fantastic response during it’s run on the short film festival circuit and will finish it’s two year run in the Autumn. He released his first children’s fantasy book ‘Strings’ in May 2018. Since then he has published his collection of short stories ‘Bit Grim, Isn’t It?’

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