Excerpt Review: King of Fools (The Shadow Game #2) by Amanda Foody

I have been a big fan of Amanda Foody ever since I recieved her debut in the September 2017 Fairyloot box. Daughter of the Burning City truly enthralled me, so when I heard Amanda was publishing her second book, I was over the moon. Now, months after the release of Ace of Shades and after I have read it, the first chapter of the sequel was put online. I was so excited to read it as the ending of Ace of Shades left me hungry for more. (You can read the excerpt here.)

The first moment I was reading the excerpt was when I was waiting in the cold and rain to be picked up. It matched the mood of the chapter quite well to be fair. It felt really good to be back into this world again, as I practically devoured book one close after the release. And honestly, how Ace of Shades ended plus the epilogue, it ties in so perfectly with the first chapter of King of Fools. Almost seamless, besides the fact they are separate books. Truly amazing, as I see this with very little authors.
This excerpt is really promising for the rest of the book and knowing Amanda’s previous work, this will be a magnificent story. Ace of Shades ended with something big, but this excerpt promises something bigger will come, something much bigger and I am completely ready!

I was going to buy this book anyway, but this excerpt makes me even more impatient. I am hoping to be able to snatch an ARC, but waiting for the release is more than fine aswell. It will be worth the wait!

Oh, and both the US (above) and UK (below) covers of King of Fools have been revealed aswell. Don’t these look gorgeous together?!

King of Fools will publish April 30th 2019!
(May 2nd 2019 as paperback.)

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