Review: Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass #6) by Sarah J. Maas

“He’d almost told the princess that she could keep Hellas’s Horse, but there was something to be said about the prospect of charging down Morath foot soldiers atop a horse named Butterfly.”


Yes, here I am, having just finished Tower of Dawn when Kingdom of Ash has been out for over a week. I have been postponing reading Tower of Dawn as I wanted to cherish this series for as long as possible. Eventually I got a bit scared to read it, as there have been such mixed opinions about this book and I didn’t want to be disappointed. Eventually, I was ready to read it, but I managed to corner myself with review copies due in October. But I have read it now and I am so glad I did as I absolutely loved it.

I have loved Chaol as a character ever since the start of Throne of Glass. His character was quite interesting and had a nice arc over the series, though I really think he deserved more page-time. The same goes for Nesryn. She may have been introduced much later, but I adore her (I even named a character in Guild Wars 2 after her). Having an entire novel of the series about them was quite refreshing. I love Aelin, and Rowan, and Dorian, but I think I needed this.

Tower of Dawn‘s plot is about how Chaol and Nesryn go to the Southern Continent to visit the Torre Cesme, an ancient tower home to healers and healers-in-training. Chaol got injured in the battle against the King of Adarlan, a magical blow against his spine and got paralyzed from the hip down. Besides from his quest to find a healer to heal him, he also got the task to bring back an army from the Southern Continent. The book also brings back Yrene Towers, a girl you know from the pre-quel, The Assassin’s Blade. It was really interesting to see more events from the pre-quel finally reconnecting with the current storyline.

Something I really liked was that the feel of the story was a bit different than when Aelin is the MC, as it should as there are two different Mc’s in this novel. Sarah always impresses me with details like that. It certainly added something to how much I enjoyed reading this.

The general story line is really good aswell. Everything was fairly unexpected and the plot is really important to the series. So many dots you can connect, things that connect one way or another and the general information we learn, for example the worldbuilding of the Southern Continent and history of the world, it felt all so important and it doesn’t feep like a spin-off at all, but like a second line of important events in the same timeframe that all lead to the same thing, one way or another. Making this fit so well just shows how skilled of a writer Sarah J. Maas is.

This was a strong 5 star read for me. Sarah hasn’t disappointed me ever and I don’t think she ever will. I can say so much about this book, but I’ll just tone it down to “I really loved this.”

I do 100% believe you can’t skip this book, no matter what a lot of people claim. This book contains vital information about some key characters and other events and I am completely sure without that knowlegde, there will be gaps in the story you won’t get. Personally, that would ruin reading Kingdom of Ash for me and I am really glad I didn’t listen to those people. I recommend everyone who is reading the series to read this.

I am more than ready to start Kingdom of Ash. I am currently finishing up a review copy and hope to be able to start reading it this weekend. This will be one amazing ride, I am sure, and I am going to miss this series big time. Almost a 1000 pages left in this series, wish me luck!

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