Review: Jaina Poudmoore: Tides of War (World of Warcraft #11) by Christie Golden

“All things change, whether from inside out or the outside in. That is what magic is. And we are magic too.”


I have to be honest, I have disliked Jaina’s character ever since I started playing World of Warcraft. But, I never learned the details of the event that made her so bitter and unlikeable: Theramore’s Fall. I knew her city was destroyed by the Horde, but I didn’t know any of the details, so as a big lore fanatic I decided to pick up this book. And oh, was I wrong about Jaina.

I enjoyed reading this book so much, despite being in a reading slump. Christie Golden’s writing is my favourite in Warcraft novels and it kept me from DNF’ing it or leaving it for later. I also liked the division in chapters: It was either a Horde or Alliance POV, varying between several different POV’s each. In a war, there are always two sides of the story and it was told perfectly like this. Each side of the story even had multiple standpoints and conflicts and it was fantastic. I am not going into too much detail about the actual story as the beauty of this book is the story, so I am just going to tell you it was such a fantastic read with characters developing along the way and true to their nature. This book is canon to the game and it is incredible how well the canon-writing was done. I am all about details and everything just checked out perfectly. Really, I absolutely loved this and I really want to read more about Jaina Proudmoore as a person.

I actually read this book about a year ago. Yes, this review is very late, I am aware. But, finishing this book was an accomplishment on its own as I was in the worst reading slump I have ever been. It took me nearly two months to finish it, though I was also reading another book at the same time. My reading slump was so bad, I couldn’t keep my attention on just one book. I wish to someday re-read this book while not in a reading slump so I can enjoy it even better.

This book is perfect for every lover of Warcraft lore or people who want to learn more about Theramore’s Fall or Jaina in general. Besides that, it is written by the best Warcraft novel author out there and it won’t disappoint you!
Reading this book definitely helped me understand Jaina Proudmoore’s character a whole lot better and I actually started to like her a bit (Even as a Horde player while she is an Alliance character.) Though I am still mad for her just disappearing at the start of the Legion expansion while she, one of the most powerful mages alive, could have helped us with the demon invasion across the world big time. But that aside, this is a great book for lore fanatics as this is about a very big event in the Warcraft storyline. A well deserved five star read!

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